Pretty Packaging: Take A Closer Look At The UK Release Of PERFECT BLUE

(Never judge someone with "multiple personality disorder" by her cover, or her other cover!)

Josh just reviewed the new Blu-ray release of Satoshi Kon's Perfect Blue, and did a wonderful job describing its contents.

But you might wonder what the packaging looks like, especially since the Japanese Limited Edition Blu-ray is one of the most kick-ass releases EVER in that regard, despite being released over seven years ago. But that edition, out-of-print for years already, has always been very expensive, and didn't have any English dub or subs. Unlike this new British release by Anime Ltd. which is available for a reasonable price, and has English subs-and-a-dub.

So what does the UK Anime Ltd. release look like? Quite nice, actually, and it uses artwork which pays homage to Satoshi Kon's story. Here it is:

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