Nick Damici And Jim Mickle Developing Lansdale's HAP AND LEONARD Novels For Small Screen

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Break out the Dr. Pepper and vanilla cookies! Nick Damici and Jim Mickle, the duo behind the big screen adaptation of Joe R. Lansdale's novel Cold in July, are working to bring the author's Hap and Leonard series to the small screen. They will work with Lansdale and develop a television series for the Sundance Channel. 

Hap Collins and Leonard Pine are two friends from the fictional town of LaBorde in East Texas. Hap spent time in prison for refusing to be drafted and fight in the Vietnam War. Leonard, his best friend, is a gay black man who went to Vietnam. Inseparable since then, they make ends meet by working in the rose fields and such. Though Hap tries to keep a level head and keep Leonard from getting himself in trouble often trouble finds them 

You would do yourself a great service by picking up any of the eight Hap and Leonard novels published over the years. Lansdale's writing is sharp and funny and the action is plentiful. As a big fan of this series I can hardly wait to see how the trio bring the novels to the small screen.

Oh. And on a side note and of equal importance is the news that Damici and Mickle are also developing a Stakeland series as well. It will take place seven years after the end of their film. I was not ignoring that news. I like that film. I just like the Hap and Leonard novels a whole lot more. 
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  • shelleybear

    This is the age of wonder.
    Peter Dinklage is developeing a "Mongo the Magnificient" film/series.

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