New THE RAID 2 Restaurant Clip. This Is Why We Cannot Go Anywhere Nice Anymore.

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Nothing ruins a perfectly good meal out like a bunch of bad guys with knives chasing after Iko Uwais. As this latest clip from The Raid 2 will prove...

According to our lord and master Todd, who, as we have made you very well aware of by now, is a producer on this film, this clip falls into the film after that deleted gang fight scene would have been. 

Had it survived. 

Which is what a lot of people are having a really hard time committing to in this film if I do say so myself. 

Do I want to know where that broken bottle goes? Why yes. Yes I do. 
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  • Pos3000

    It's working, just disable Adblock.

  • AlecDumas

    Video's working. Fight looks great, like a really dark, gritty take on a Jackie Chan fight.

  • Jiggyboy13

    The video doesn't work.

  • Marcel Samson

    Same here

  • Matthew


  • Paul Bohlmeijer

    Here neither

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