New RAID 2 Trailer Lays A Beating

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Yes, we're late to the party on the new US trailer for The Raid 2 - it was that sort of weekend - but, well, there is one. And if you want to see prisoners beaten with sticks in the mud, baseball bats swinging, shotguns blasting and all sorts of other violent behavior then you've come to the right place. This has all of that, and quite a lot which has not been included in previous trailers. Take a look below.
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  • TRD

    I've only seen the first trailer/teaser for this movie and it was enough to get me excited already. So I've been avoiding every other trailer that came out after the first one just so I am not spoiled by any details, fights and scenes etc. I love the first movie.

    Would you kindly tell me if there will be any showings in Alberta, Canada? I'm from southern Alberta so I know chances are slim. I've been searching and trying to find out but to no avail.

  • It will screen at the Calgary Underground Film Festival on April 9 and I know both Edmonton and Calgary are part of the Canadian theatrical release starting April 11th. Not sure about any other cities in Alberta.

  • TRD

    Thanks for the information. Greatly appreciate it.

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