The Burning Kiss, a new Aussie feature film, has been described as a 'hallucinogenic summer noir cocktail spiked with surrealism and suspense, which centres on the unexpected arrival of a stranger, who implicates a father and his daughter in an inferno of secrets, guilt and danger.' It has drawn inspirations from southern gothic psychodrama, poolside chic, pop art and the French New Wave.

A new teaser and still from the movie (both attached below) have been made available exclusively to Twitch. Director Robbie Studsor talks about the new teaser: 'I really wanted to make the teaser move like a spinning pinwheel in an abstract way. Something that feels like it's going both forwards and backwards and is strangely both intense and calming. A perfect metaphor for the film as it draws inspiration from those leisurely, relaxed euro thrillers from the 60s and 70s like La Piscine and Purple Noon while at the same time moves into a completely new and exciting frontier.'

The Burning Kiss is set to make its festival debut later in the year. You can watch the teaser below, but it is short and sweet. So try not to blink. 

For further information, you can check out the film's Facebook page and website

Burning Kiss Movie Still (Twitch Exclusive).jpg

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    Court mais alléchant teaser.

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