Exclusive Clip From THE VISITOR: You'll Need Seat Belts to Watch It, Says Lance Henriksen

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Available today on Blu-ray and DVD, The Visitor is one of the most delightfully weird movies I've ever seen. And, in an exclusive clip, the great Lance Henriksen confirms one of my suspicions.

In my review, I commented: "I wonder how well any of the Italian crew spoke / understood English. This was the time period [1979] when Italian productions cobbled together cast members with name recognition from across North America and Europe, and perhaps that would help explain why so much of the story appears to have been lost in translation."

Henriksen addresses that point, as well as his general approach to the film in the clip below. (I won't spoil it for you.) As to the movie itself, well, plot summaries are besides the point. I concluded: "Miss it at your peril. Your intellect may slap you, but your emotions will kiss you all over for this warm, invigorating bath of confusing, compelling, incoherent, irreducible, unforgettable, horror/sci-fi melodrama."

In addition to an interview with Henriksen, the Blu-ray and DVD from Drafthouse Films also includes chats with screenwriter Lou Comici and cinematographer Ennio Guarnieri, the theatrical trailer, a 16-page booklet, and a digital download. If you adore weird movies, especially those from the 70s, you'll want to check it out.

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