This Exclusive LUCKY BASTARD Clip Suggests You Whack Off

, U.S. Editor
Oh, poor Dave, he just can't seem to catch a break. Your typical mild-mannered lover of pornography, Dave is now the winner of an online contest where he gets to sleep with a pornstar (while the cameras roll of course). But even here amongst some buxom ladies, he is, in a way, still getting the short end of the stick *ahem*.  

Or, at least that's where things stand in our exclusive clip for the psychological thriller Lucky Bastard.

The film is currently playing in New York and LA, and though it may seem like your typical found-footage film gone wrong, it's written and directed by TV vet Robert Nathan, who had his hands on both Law & Order and ER.

The film stars Jay Paulson (Mad Men), veteran character actor Don McManus (Grand Piano), and Betsy Rue (My Bloody Valentine). 
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