Exclusive JUST A SIGH Clip: A Romantic Meet-Cute, Foiled

Peter Martin, Managing Editor

Gabriel Byrne speaks French! In Just A Sigh (original title: Le Temps de Laventure), Byrne plays a "mysterious Irishman" whose chance encounter with an actress (Emmanuelle Devos) changes both their lives.

In an exclusive clip, both are traveling on a train to Paris. (Presumably they have been exchanging coy glances; this is a romantic drama, after all.) Byrne approaches Devos to ask for directions. It sounds like the perfect, quite civilized meet-cute -- "how I met your mother" -- until it's not.

Just A Sigh, written and directed by Jérôme Bonnell (The Queen of Clubs) opens just in time for spring, first in New York on March 21 and then in Los Angeles on March 28 before expanding nationwide. Visit the official site for more information. You can watch the clip below,and then click through the gallery for more photos, courtesy of Distrib Films.

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