Dog Watches TV, Bites Rapist In Clip From Sam Fuller's WHITE DOG

, Asian Editor
Sam Fuller's classic thriller White Dog gets the Masters of Cinema treatment later this month, with a brand new dual format Blu-ray/DVD release hitting UK shelves on 31st March. The film stars Paul Winfield and Kristy McNichol in the story of a stray dog that is discovered to have been conditioned to attack black people. Fuller's controversial film, which questions whether racism is a treatable condition, or an untreatable problem, will be making its Blu-ray debut, courtesy of those good people over at Eureka Entertainment, and you can check out a clip from the newly restored version of the film below, to whet our appetites.
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  • wonnie dahlberg

    this movie did not age well. revisiting it now is kind of brutal. painfully unsubtle and corny. feels (and looks) like a Lifetime movie

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