Crowdfund This! All Aboard Lee Hardcastle's SPOOK TRAIN!

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The maker of T Is For Toilet is thinking big. Feature film big. Yes, kids, cult favorite UK stop motion animator Lee Hardcastle - creator of The Evil Dead In 60 Seconds, Pingu's The Thing and Claycat's The Raid - is making the leap to feature films with Spook Train. And he needs your help to do it!

Three kids discover the remains of the legendary Spook Train, they're about to experience why it was shut down by a moral panic. It's a dark ride with an even darker sense of humor.
Hardcastle does things super cheap so his needs aren't great - his single biggest budget line is on studio space to actually make the film in - and you can support the film here. But check out the trailer below first.

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  • r0rschach

    Hardcastle is one the most entertaining and creative filmmakers out there right now. In for a blu-ray, this thing must be made!

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