Crowdfund This! A GIFT FOR AMELIA Combines Beauty And Horror!

Andrew Mack, Associate Editor, News
There is some freaky stuff going on in Vancouver, B.C. these days. Other than the complete implosion of my beloved Canucks it is turning into one of the hotspots for women making a name for themselves in Canadian horror cinema and the international festival circuit. 

The most notable exports from the Emerald City have to be the Soska Sisters and their horror outputs Dead Hooker In A Trunk and American Mary. But now, horror photographer Danielle K L Anathema, is making the transition from photography to film with her upcoming short A Gift For Amelia.  

A young woman finds her inner beauty while in the throws of a mysterious doctors surgical embrace. Inspired by films such as Aftermath, Perfume, and certain elements of Repo-Men, we're imagining an art-house surgical horror that's dark and eerie, just like Anathema's photography.

Along with producers Billie Taylor and Christine Lyon, Danielle has launched a Indiegogo campaign to help raise money to cover production costs Special/Practical and Visual Effects, Prosthetics, Locations and Set Decoration. And if she can achieve the same horrific and beautiful imagry in her short as she does in her photography then this something that Canadian horror fans should be lining up and donating to. 

You can support her short film here. We have included a gallery of some of her work to show you why this is a good thing. You should also visit her web-site and see her portfolios. Heed thy warning, it be NSFW but there are some stunning images there.
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