Here's A New Image Of Tom Hardy As MAD MAX

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Another pic of Tom Hardy as Max Rocktansky in Mad Max: Fury Road has found its way online. 

As most productions of such high profile usually are, the flow of information and news has been held to a trickle. Only this new image above and the one below from a couple years ago seem to be our only taste of what is to come in May 2015. 


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  • Ronnie Pickinpaugh

    Tom Hardy really is a perfect casting choice. This film can go either way at this point, but I'm excited.

  • tman418

    Is this a sequel, prequel, or reboot?

  • GetFiquette


  • Zeto

    Mad Max is Mel Gibson. I hate remakes!!!

  • Guest

    I shudder to think what the budget on this must be by now. They seem to have been filming for years, and we're still a year out from release.

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