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Team Batista returns with the third and presumably concluding installment based on the best-selling series of medical mystery novels by Kaidō Takeru. Although two previous films didn't earn much critical acclaim, their considerable box office success in Japan was the main reason behind recent decision to continue with another adaptations, both on small and big screen.

This time, apart from solving yet another seemingly unexplainable murder case, the famous team of highly specialized doctors will try to save their precious Tojo Medical University before the time runs out. Here is the synopsis:

Kohei (Ito Atsushi) and Keisuke (Nakamura Toru) work with the government and Tojo Medical University as Trinity. The project is to create a new technological system to determine cause of death. They then receive a threatening letter. The letter warns that the Kerberos Tower and Tojo Medical University will be blown up.

Meanwhile, a group of people die. Kohei and Keisuke are unable to determine the cause of death through autopsy.

Given that this is Hoshino Kazunari's feature film debut, one can only hope he will put some fresh energy into the slightly worn out series. Team Batista Final - Kerberos no Shozo opens in Japan on March 29, 2014. Check out the full trailer below!

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