Watch LIFE AFTER PI, The Chronicle Of An Oscar-Winning VFX Studio's Downfall

Where would many a Hollywood blockbuster be without the use of visual effects to help tell its spectacle laden stories? It's hard to imagine. Most would say its a major contributing factor in attracting the audience, thus generating millions for the studios. Yet ironically, the VFX artists responsibly for providing the "money shots" are somehow getting the short end of the deal. 

Directed by Scott Leberecht, Life After Pi chronicles the fall of VFX company Rhythm & Hues Studios, which won an Oscar last year for the Life of Pi. The doc offers insight on the problems the visual effects industry is currently facing. As someone who appreciates the amazing work from these talented artists, its really sad to see them losing their jobs and getting ignored by Hollywood. 

Should the business model change in order for the visual effects industry to survive, or is it all fair in love and war? Have your say on this issue in the comments section.  You'll find the full 30-min documentary embedded below.
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