Spanish Exorcism Horror ASMODEXIA Goes To Raven Banner

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News out of Berlin today is that Toronto-based Raven Banner has acquired the international rights to Marc Carreté's debut feature, the exorcism horror film Asmodexia

Carreté has written and directed two short films prior to Asmodexia. He wrote this first feature with Mike Hostench, co-director of one of the largest and most important genre film festivals in the world, the Sitges Film Festival. The deal was negotiated on behalf of the producers of the film by XYZ Films, who own the North American rights to the film. I can only imagine this was done over many Bockbiers in a traditional German beer garden. One can dream. 

Asmodexia tells the story of a grandfather and granddaughter exorcist team, who travel the Barcelona area plying their trade.

There was whiff of a trailer a couple days ago but it was promptly taken down. Hopefully, we will have another look at it soon enough. 

(Full disclosure: Twitch founder and editor Todd Brown is a partner at XYZ Films)
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