Just In Time For Valentine's Day: A Family-Friendly NYMPHOMANIAC: VOLUME I Trailer!

, Editor-at-Large
"What are you rebelling against?" 


Yes, it's too bad that couples across the United States can't celebrate Valentine's Day huddled together in a theater, holding each other tight as Lars Von Trier guides them on an erotic cinema odyssey. But the good folks at Magnolia Pictures have nonetheless gifted us with a treat that trumps all of the flowers, cards and other hallmarks of this celebration of love and consumerism: a new, mostly SFW trailer for Nymphomaniac: Volume I. 

It is, for the most part, a more polite version of the previous trailer, with the Ramstein still intact, so those concerned about nudity-spoilers can relax and enjoy! Part one will open in theaters on March 21, 2014 and will go on demand early on March 6 for late-night, private viewing. Part two will open April 18, 2014 and will be On Demand April 3. Sure, it won't be the longer director's cut that just screened at Berlinale, but according to our own Ben Croll, that's okay!
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