Director Of KIDNAPPED Shooting New Horror In Hungary

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Last week, shooting began on Miguel Ángel Vivas's new flick for Sony Pictures, Welcome to Harmony. Filming continues until early April in Budapest with Matthew Fox (Lost) and Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice) as the leads, while Ahna O'Reilly, Clara Lago and Quinn McColgan support.

Alberto Marini and Vivas have adapted the story from the book Y Pese a Todo (And Despite Everything) by Juan de Dios Garduño. It's a post apocalyptic story set in a small, snowy US town where the few remaining humans need to learn to live together and also fight against infected savage creatures and zombies to survive.  

It's a co-production between Spain's Vaca Films, Ombra Films in the US and Laokoon Films in Hungary. Televisión Española, Canal Plus, Canal Sur, Telefónica and La Ferme! Productions in France are also involved, with Sony Pictures planning worldwide distribution in 2015.

Kidnapped (Secuestrados) won Vivas acclaim in 2010, picking up Best Film and Best Director at Fantastic Fest, a violent thriller where a well off Spanish family are taken hostage in their own home by hooded men. Todd Brown loved it when he saw it in Austin a few years back, as you'll see below.
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  • John Szczerba

    i just watched Kidnapped on Netflix couple days ago. good flick, but they only have it dubbed in English. the voice actors were probably the worst english speaking actors on earth and almost completely ruined the movie for me.

  • Khaldrogo

    Wow. This look pretty good

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