After Watching THE RIGHT ONE Trailer You Won't Be Able To Sleep

The Right One is a love story set in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Even Julia Roberts traveled half of the world to find love there in Eat Pray Love. Yes, I'm talking about Bali. Heck if it works for her it must be work for us here in Indonesia, So here's the new romance from director Stephen Odang, with cast Tara Basro (Killers) & Gandhi Fernando (California Solo) as the love birds.

Here's the official synopsis i get from IMDB;

Two people cross-path their entire life and only fate decides their future.

There you go, I bet fate decides they get together in their future, or maybe not, I don't know until i watch it right?

And of course you can sleep after watching the trailer below, it just a joke i took from the trailer. Guess I should use that pick up line next time.

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