UNDER THE SKIN Red Band Trailer Will Do Just That

, U.S. Editor
Like the previous clips and teasers, the latest bit of image for Jonathan Glazer's film adap of the Michel Faber book is short and strange, only this time its got a barrage of pull quotes from critics. And according to the fine folks at Hitfix, who have the exclusive, was cut by Glazer himself. I take it this means the last ones were too. Now many of those quotes go by so fast that I can't tell if Kurt Halfyard has one in there, but here's his review to tide you over until April 4th, the date in the U.S. when Scarlett Johansson's alien makes initial contact... and will then feed on us all.
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  • IH8YH

    where exactly was the R-Rated part in this trailer?!?!?

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