Twitch's Favorite Frankensteins -- And The Monsters They Created

Peter Martin, Managing Editor

The imminent theatrical release in North America of I, Frankenstein on Friday, January 24, gives us an excuse to express our collective love for the mad scientist known as Frankenstein -- and the monsters he created.

As the title of the new movie indicates, popular culture has often confused Frankenstein (the scientist) with The Monster, bestowing the creature with the creator's name. But Mary Shelley's original novel tapped directly into our primal consciousness, and any confusion about names pales in comparison to the fears, terrors, and thrills that raise goose-pimples when the good doctor cries out "It's alive!" and his monster lumbers to life. Our picks reflect the individual tastes of the writers who contributed; what say you, dear reader, as to your favorite Frankenstein and/or Monster?

Andrew Mack, Ard Vijn, Christopher O'Keeffe, Jim Tudor, Joshua Chaplinsky and Kurt Halfyard contributed to this story.

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