TTTT: An American Film Geek's Top & Bottom 10 for 2013

Jim Tudor, Featured Critic
It all comes down to relationships. And 2013 yielded its fine share of memorable on-screen relationships: A man and his computer. A slave and his masters. A young girl and her repressive country. A child and her caretakers. A young woman and her city. 

It doesn't matter if the film is a narrative tale or a reality-based documentary, as evidenced by the fine batch of documentaries selected below, as well as others that I had no room to spotlight: (Blackfish, 20 Feet from Stardom.) A man and his town and business. A filmmaker and his foreign aid worker best friend. Ourselves and our shining propensity toward obsession. 

At the time of this publication, I'd seen 120 movies released in the 2013 calendar year. This list represents the best according to my own opinion of any given film's artistic success, significant value, and simply how much I appreciate it. Although it's true that comparing one great film to another is, in the end, a frankly ridiculous notion, these sorts of year-end round-ups can be fun for all of us, provoking conversations and spotlighting many truly great movies that may've easily overlooked by many. My relationship with these films, and many on my list beyond these top twenty, have quickly become special to me. I hope you will give them a chance, and perhaps feel the same:
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