THE RAID 2: 'Hammer Girl' Sends Love ... And Hammers!

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The Raid 2 is hell bent on destroying the brains of the lucky audiences who come into contact with it -- now you can add members of the Australian postal service to that list. 

Upon checking my mailbox recently, a special teaser, which could only be described as a 'love letter' had been delivered -- opening the sticky brown paper wrapping -- the contents revealed an early, bloody valentine gift from 'Hammer Girl' herself.

I can't wait to meet her in person... The Raid 2 opens in Australian cinemas (and other international territories) on March 28, 2014! 

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  • Marcel Samson

    Whaha, this shit would sooo get confiscated if postal services found out about the contents :P. That is an awesome gift man!

  • Andrew Mack

    Oh my. That is very cool. Jelly.

  • arturo

    Hahahaha, you're lucky it never said "You're Next"..

  • Thomas Zack

    A few years ago at the Toronto Film Festival - the top two winners of the midnight madness program were THE RAID and YOU'RE NEXT. I wish I could have been there.....

  • that hammer will work for pulling off some teeth too

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