Slamdance 2014: This Clip From ROVER Will Tell You How To "Tone It Down" In Space

Ben Umstead, East Coast Editor
Slamdance is known for being totally DIY. And this clip from Tony Blahd's Rover (or Beyond Human: The Venusian Future and the Return of the Next Level) backs that up wholeheartedly.

A clueless film crew (who also happen to be a part of a Scientology like cult) on a shoestring budget attempt (big emphasis on that word) to film a biopic about their glorious leader. Remember kids, if you're going to be in a cult and make a movie, you'll definitely want to hire a serious director. One who knows when to tone things down. Way down.

More weirdness from Rover at their website.      
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  • Z. LaPorte Airey

    Oh thank god, I thought this was actually going to be horrible.

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