Now on DVD: HUNT VS. LAUDA Documents The Rush Of A Racing Rivalry

, Managing Editor

Ron Howard's Rush piqued my interest in the true story of the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda, Formula 1 race car drivers in the 1970s, so the straightfoward documentary Hunt vs. Lauda fits the bill perfectly.

Focusing on the 1976 Grand Prix season, Hunt vs. Lauda is presented in a straightforward style: talking head interviews, news clips, and simple on-screen graphics. Interview subjects are few in number, but well-chosen -- Lauda; Hunt's older sister, Sally Jones; Daniele Audetto and Alastair Caldwell, team managers for Ferrari and McLaren, respectively; journalist Peter Windsor -- and each has vivid memories. This is especially evident in the talks with the team managers, who clearly harbor deep-seated emotions about that season.

Director Matthew Whiteman skillfully weaves together the story of an extraordinary year, making for a compelling watch, even if you already know how things turned out. Hunt vs. Lauda stands on its own, though it increases my respect for Rush (a movie I already liked) and its recreation of that era and this story in particular.

The film releases today on DVD -- see Amazon link below -- and is also available to watch via various Video On Demand platforms. There are no additional features on the DVD.

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