KING OF THE HILL Director Gonzalo López-Gallego To Helm New Thriller SANCTUARY

US-based production company Atlas Independent has tapped Spanish director Gonzalo López-Gallego (King of the Hill, Apollo 18, Open Grave) to direct their new film Sanctuary, based on a script by Ryne Douglas Pearson (Mercury Rising, Knowing).

According to an article on SciFi World (in Spanish), tells the story of three documentary filmmakers who go to South America to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a village. They find a strange building in the middle of the town, with no sign of entry or exit.

If you haven't seen King of the Hill, I insist that you find a copy. It's an incredible film about a man and woman running from an unseen gunman in the hills of Spain, playing on rural thriller tropes and video game aesthetics. (In his review, Todd Brown aptly called it "a sly, deceptive gut punch".  López-Gallego's most recent feature, Open Grave, also cleverly plays with the unknown/unseen enemy and the mystery of identity, so this is clearly the director's forte. Shooting is to commence in April.
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