Ghibli Retrospective: The Kids Talk THE CAT RETURNS

Willem (age 10) and Miranda (now age 9) are spending time with the work of Takahata Isao, for this second Studio Ghibli marathon on the big screen. After taking in the heaviest Studio Ghibli film last week, Grave of the Fireflies, they sit back, relax and have a lot of fun with perhaps the airiest, most trivial film the studio has made, The Cat Returns - Morita Hiroyuki's loose spin off of the Baron character from Whisper of the Heart.  

Twitch is certainly not the youngest of movie websites, and a several writers have children who are old enough to understand and consume media in a way that is raw and fresh, but also with the inklings of consideration. In short, this is the age where many of us fall in love with the movies. Thus, we are offering you the perspective of children as they react to seeing classic animation on the big screen. 

TIFF Bell Lightbox is running an another Studio Ghibli retrospective in December and January, which has expanded the number of titles (old and new) from the very successful previous 2012 run in Toronto. We hope you will enjoy this deep dive back into Japan's most beloved animation house. All the previous entries can be found either in the Twitch archives, or at the Vimeo channel for The Kids Talk Film.  
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