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This April, Monster Pictures will be releasing Shawn Holmes' feature debut, Memory Lane, in a special 2-disc DVD set, and they have given Twitch an exclusive first look at the artwork.

Emulating the likes of Chris Nolan's Memento, Shane Carruth's Primer and even Joel Schumacher's Flatliners, Memory Lane is a fragmented story about Nick, a returning serviceman, whose mysterious new girlfriend Kayla is found dead. Feeling devastated, Nick tries to kill himself, but in the moments between life and death he discovers he can time travel and be with Kayla once again. After his friends find Nick dying and save his life, he becomes determined to create this out of body experience again to revisit his time with Kayla and try to piece together the puzzle of who killed her - but it means killing himself over and over and over again.

This micro-budget indie was very much a labour of love for director Holmes, who is also credited as co-writer, editor, cinematogrpaher, producer and responsible for the film's special effects. Completed for just US$300, it debuted at the Sci Fi London Film Festival, screened in competition at Razor Reel in Brugges, before then being given away by the director for free online for one weekend only.

Monster Pictures' double DVD release promises "a mammoth package of extras, including out-takes and audition tapes". Check out large versions of the new artwork below, together with the film's trailer. 
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