Crowdfund This: Scifi Short AURORAS

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While the holidays have kept me too busy to tackle my (supposedly) regular Crowdfund This column for the last couple weeks that doesn't mean we're not still seeing a lot of intriguing projects looking for support. And one such project is Niles Heckman's scifi short Auroras.

In a metropolis at the north pole on planet Earth, a female cyborg ("The Occupant") is called on a mandatory long term mission to travel along a space elevator through the Aurora Borealis to serve aboard Space Gate Auroras. Forcing her to leave her pregnant partner, another female cyborg ("The Loved One"), and say goodbye for an extended period. Two women, human or not, in love. Having to separate and say goodbye for an extended period of time as one departs on a life changing journey to a place that redefines imagination.
The brief teaser for this one is a very solid bit of work, take a look at that and the Kickstarter pitch video below.

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