Attention Filmmakers! Nishimura Yoshihiro Wants To Screen Your SFX In Yubari!

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Next month we'll be heading to the wintry climes of Hokkaido, Japan for the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival, where this year Tokyo Gore Police director and splatter effects pioneer Nishimura Yoshihiro will be hosting a special event to discover and showcase new SFX talent - and he wants to see your work!

This is not a competition, but a special one-off panel discussion between Nishimura, SFX director Onoue Katsuro (Onmyoji, The Floating Castle), kaiju creator Taguchi Kiyotaka (G, Henge, GMK) and director Higuchi Shinji (Japan Sinks, The Last Princess), all of whom are currently working on the live-action special effects behemoth of hit anime Attack On Titan.

During this discussion, these four filmmakers will be screening, discussing and evaluating clips of work from new and up-and-coming FX artists, and the invtation for submissions is being extended to everyone. Yes, even you!

If you would like to participate, simply email a link to your FX clip (not the whole movie!) to Nishimura at before 10 February 2014. The best clips will then be screened at this year's YIFFF, which is to be held from 27 February - 3 March 2014.

Many thanks to Marc Walkow for the information.
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