Anticipated In 2014: The Films We Most Want To See

Todd Brown, Founder and Editor
With 2014 now fully upon us the Twitch team gathers to take a look at the films we most want to take a look at in the coming year. Is this some sort of scientific poll? Heck no, more just a group of geeky friends tossing tiles around and there are some obvious quirks and omissions in the result - after a series of email with many of the contributors jokingly asking if everyone was naming The Raid 2 nobody actually did with everyone assuming someone else would, for one - but we hope it'll serve as a useful conversation starter.

Check out the selections below, listed in alphabetical order. And please note that to keep things on a manageable scale (or, at least, no more unruly than the beast currently is) I've had to institute a rule that if we've already reviewed it it won't be included here. Which, sadly, eliminated Snowpiercer (which was named by multiple contributors), R100, Under The Skin etc.

Todd Brown, Oggs Cruz, Patryk Czekaj, Joshua Chaplinsky, Kurt Halfyard, Eric Ortiz Garcia, Peter Martin, Ard Vijn, Jason Gorber, Christopher Bourne, Andrew Mack and Patrick Holzapfel contributed to this story.

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