Watch Destructive Youth Raise Some Hell in The Trailer For Polish Indie HARDKOR DISKO

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Transition to adulthood is never an easy task and the heroes of an upcoming Polish film Hardkor Disko (Hardcore Disco) are about to learn it the hard way. Krzysztof Skonieczny (famous music video director) is going to explore the darkest and the most depressing side of that difficult change in his feature debut. Hardkor Disko is a completely independent film about the struggles of the youth in an environment that's totally hostile and unpredictable. First trailer offers some great visuals, penetrating music, nudity, violence, all accompanied by a sombre atmosphere and a creepy monologue that begins with the words: If you had a choice, would you prefer to burn or freeze to death? 

The official synopsis hints at a lot of contrasting emotions:

 HARDKOR DISKO is a story about impossible love, about desperate search for identity, about guilt, revenge and punishment, and also about how young people today get more and more disoriented in their hedonism, consumptionism, agression, self-destruction and over-sensitivity. It is an observation and a commentary to the present in which all the rules seem to be ignored and everything drift towards emptiness.

The film is set to premiere on Mach 14, 2014. You can find the intriguing trailer below.
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