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Though I'd never heard of Asaf Hanuka and Etgar Keretor, nor their comic Streets Of Rage prior to a couple of hours ago, I certainly have more than an inkling to look them up now thanks to the short film adaptation of the story by Daniel Lazo and Eran May-raz. The story is very much from the slice of life / autobiographical, coming of age school of indie graphic novels, and it's a solid bit of work. Watch the entire five minute short below, and if you've got any recommendations on where a neophyte should start with Hanuka and Keretor's work, please let us know!
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  • Kai

    Correction: It's Etgar Keret.
    I believe he's mostly known to international audiences as the writer of the short story on which Wristcutters is based, though he's also co-directed a feature, Jellyfish.

    Check out Pizzeria Kamikaze, another collaboration with Hanuka based on the same short story which birthed Wristcutters. It's collected as a standalone, but I recommend you get Bipolar, which contains its serialized version alongside short fiction by Asaf's equally talented twin, Tomer.

    While we're at it - Lazo & May-raz already made some waves with their previous short, Sight:

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