Watch An Impressive Teaser For Portuguese SciFi Horror DEDALO

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While Portugal has never particularly been a hotbed for either science fiction or horror - though I am quite fond of early 2000's horror effort Coisa Ruim - director Jeronimo Rocha may very well change that. He's certainly giving it a very good try with his new short film Dedalo.

After hitting the festival circuit with a previous pair of award winning shorts, Rocha heads into space for this one - the story of a woman trapped on an orbiting refinery with hostile aliens. Though the teaser is quite brief and very much a tease, it's a good one. Check it out below.
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  • arnold3k

    The music, the alien, the "female" (possibly) lead, the lighting, the alien... It's a tribute to Alien - that's how i'll put it Maybe see it too.

  • Mateusz R. Orzech

    Looks like someone watched Alien one time too many. But it does look interesting.

  • Is it even possible to watch Alien too many times?

  • Mateusz R. Orzech

    Everything is possible in this mad, mad world! But if the film is really good then I guess too much of Alien is not enough.

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