Tsui Hark has begun production on his new film, titled Tracks In The Snowy Forest 3D, in Beijing. Based on a Chinese novel written in the 1950s, it tells the well-known true story of a soldier who went undercover and led the successful takedown of a gang of bandits during the Chinese Civil War. The story was previously adapted for the big screen in 1970, but has also been portrayed in Chinese opera, television series and radio shows. 

Looking to repeat the success of his recent films Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate and Young Detective Dee: Rise Of The Sea Dragon, Tsui will once again combine innovative 3D effects and spectacular action in his latest film. He and his production team have spent the past 5 years preparing for the film, and explored different 3D techniques to work out the best way to bring to life the key battles in the snowy mountains. 

Tracks In The Snowy Forest 3D will be filming on location in Beijing and Northeast China over the next 5 months. A release date has not been announced. 

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  • TheAngryInternet

    The source story for this is much better known in English as Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy, which is also a way better title. I assume they retitled it to avoid confusion with the Brian Eno album and/or the musty old Cultural Revolution-era stage version.

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