The Stack Holiday Gift Guide 2013 Part Five: ARGO Extended, BBC vs. Bruce Lee Legacy Collection, Plus A Chance To Win Bruce Campbell-Worn BURN NOTICE Shirt

Welcome to the fifth and final gift guide episode of 2013! It has been a fun ride sorting through all this stuff and finding entertaining ways to let you know it's out there for your gifting pleasure. In a way I have saved the best for last (though NOTHING) beats that Zatoichi box set from Criterion). 

Well maybe one thing. 

Want a shirt worn during the shooting of Burn Notice? A shirt worn by Sam Axe aka Bruce Campbell himself? That's right you can sniff the pits to your hearts content but first you have to you win.

And the only way to win is watch this episode. All of it. Probably twice unless you are taking notes and pretty observant.

You also have to laugh at all my jokes. All of them. I have spies. Everywhere. I will know. 

The instructions are scattered throughout the post.

Til then HAPPY MERRY!!!! See you next week with a regular edition of THE STACK. 
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  • Margaret Rushton

    I was sent the link this morning from a friend and watched it this morning as I was out of town for the last week. I watched 4 times and thought I had the right email address but the email bounced back to me. I guess that meant that the contest was over and I was too late because I'm pretty sure I had the email correct. Too bad, but congrats to whoever won. Great item to win.

  • Sebo McPowers

    The only way I was able to watch this, was muted. And even then it was still hard to sit through. Nice box sets, annoying presentation.

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