Out Now On Vinyl/CD: Simon Boswell's Remastered Score For Cult Classic HARDWARE

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For that cross section of readers that call themselves cinephiles and vinyl collectors, a real treat this holiday season, or any for that matter, is no doubt Simon Boswell's remastered score to Richard Stanley's seminal cult classic Hardware.

Boswell's eclectic musicianship, spiraling from his slide guitar theme to synthy soundscapes, more traditional orchestral arrangements and FX infused experiments, was an integral part to Stanley's post-apocalyptic visions in Hardware. Available through Boswell directly is this double edition featuring the original soundtrack, in addition to the score with never before heard versions and takes, plus voice overs with Stanley reading from the unproduced Hardware 2 script. There's also commentary for each track by Boswell, liner notes by Stanley, and new artwork by Graham Humprhey. The vinyl is limited to 1,000 copies and comes in several editions and box sets with bonus content. As an admirer of both Boswell and Stanley's work, this is an uber easy rec to make. Check the album out right here.            
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  • Batty Mystic

    A very unique soundtrack. Very excited for this!

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