New To Netflix: Time, Terrorism, Wuxia, And Snowboarding

This week's entry of New To Netflix continues with more time travel. Cinema itself is kind of a time machine, so watch as I contort this notion. Transporting us back to a time and place, or at least an idea of such. 

Peter Chan's sumptuous Dragon (aka Wu Xia) uses time to visualize an investigator's thoughts on constructing past events. Steven Spielberg's Munich looks back at a particular moral conundrum in 1973. Jack Hill's Coffy offers the perfect fantasia of Blaxploitation in the same year. Robert Zemeckis' Back To The Future threatens incest (but remains light and charming) in a quaint notion of both the 1950s - and of the 1980s for that matter. Cloud Atlas says there is not much difference across the whole of human history, folks is folks and existence is struggle. Rounding things out, Kevin Smith's religion-horror curio, and Lucy Walker's recent documentary on snowboarder Kevin Pearce. Onwards. 
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