Mexican Drag Queens Make LONELY STARS. Watch The First Footage.

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It was all the way back in 2007 that I first came across Mexican director Fernando Urdapilleta (center in the picture above). The cause was an utterly fantastic vagina dentata short film that he had directed while in film school titled Cosita Linda and after programming the short in a few festivals, Urdapilleta joined a short list of directors I have maintained for years who I email every three to six months and ask, "Why haven't you made a movie yet?"

Urdapilleta has now made a movie.

Titled Estrellas Solitarias (or Lonely Stars) the picture is a John Waters influenced tale of drag queens in Mexico City. And though the film is still in post production and the official trailer has not yet arrived, Urdapilleta has put together a first look reel from the film that promises trashy good times galore. Take a look below.
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