Malaysia's BALISTIK Brings The Bang-Bang.

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Malaysian actor Rosyam Nor appears to be genetically predisposed to playing hard men. Gangster, cop, whatever ... he's just got one of those faces that seems to want to be attached to a body with an arm with a hand holding a gun. Good thing for us he's doing exactly that in upcoming action flick Balistik.

"Balistik" tells the story of Saga, a hired killer and mafia gang member. His high risk life forces Saga his wife Salina to leave him and their son. After six years, while on a mission, Saga crosses paths with Salina, but she is now the wife of Inspector Nizam, who was Saga's best friend while they were in the orphanage. Torn between his best friend and his duty to the law, Inspector Nizam has to decide whether to pursue Saga, while Saga is ordered by his leader to kill any law enforcement officer on their trail...
With production values very definitely on the higher end of what we generally see coming out of the region, the trailer for this one looks like good fun. Take a look below.

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