Kid Oriented SciFi Adventure EARTH TO ECHO Evokes Amblin With First Trailer

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We love us some Dave Green here at Twitch, the director of Meltdown and Ham Sandwich and Zombie Roadkill having won our hearts with a string of clever, heartfelt, and very, very funny genre bending shorts. Hell, the guy's responsible for unleashing zombie skunks and a time traveling sandwich into the world, how could we not love him?

And now Green is making the leap to feature films with his debut offering, Earth To Echo.

When a group of young friends begin to receive bizarre encrypted messages on their cellphones, they embark on an incredible adventure to discover the meaning behind these communications. Soon enough, they realize that the messages they are receiving are from a mysterious being from another world -  one who desperately needs their help.
The classic films from Amblin Entertainment are an obvious influence here and we can't wait to see more. Check the first teaser out below.

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  • Omar Hauksson

    God damn it. Why does it have to be found footage.

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