Jackie Chan Punches People, Blows Up Cars, Punches More People, Shoots Guns, And Punches More People In Second POLICE STORY 2013 Trailer

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Bring on the old man ass whuppin'! Not to be outdone by Sly Stallone and his band of Expendables, iconic Chinese action star Jackie Chan - now pushing sixty years old - is bringing the goods with the upcoming Police Story 2013 and the freshly released second trailer makes it very clear that he's not messing around. No, Chan and director Shen Ding are going dark and violent here with their story of Chan as a mainland Chinese Interpol officer investigating a kidnapping case.

While the first trailer was built around longer takes this second effort is a more staccato affair featuring lots of rapid cuts between punches, explosions, car wrecks, gun shots and all sorts of assorted mayhem. And, yeah, it looks pretty damn good. Take a look below.

Police Story 2013 releases in 2014. Whoops.
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  • tman418

    Looks to me like Jackie Chan is the one getting his ass kicked here. Same as the earlier trailer too.

    But with that said, I truly believe that Jackie Chan is the most insane action star and stunt person in film history. I mean, he jumped from the roof of a parking garage to a balcony of another building across the street with NO PROTECTION! (Rumble in the Bronx).

  • Bleak5170

    He actually didn't do that stunt - it was Stanley Tong.

  • he's the best. oh & Police Story 2013 is absolutely ridiculously good.

  • 60hz

    he really got shot in that last scene - jackie does all his stunts even getting shot!

  • Tyler Foster

    2014 in the US! I imagine title-wise, it's only really relevant when it opens in China, which appears to be Christmas Eve.

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