Watch The Creepy Full Trailer For Victor Vu's A VENGEFUL HEART

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The first official trailer for A Vengeful Heart (a.k.a A Bloody Heart) is out now with English subtitles, showcasing the return of Victor Vu to his favorite genre. With the complete trailer, viewers will get an overview about the film as well as each character. Creepy sound effects and the music made ​​by Christopher Wong are partially revealed in this trailer. It's a nice ride!

A Vengeful Heart tells the story of a bridegroom who escorts his new wife to Da Lat resort after heart transplant surgery. But the new heart in her chest is cursed, causing the ghost of a strange young girl to appear, which leads the couple into a frightening nightmare.

A Vengeful Heart has been pushed back to February 2014, possibly to avoid competing with road-trip comedy Young Teo (directed by Charlie Nguyen).
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