Watch A New Clip From Von Trier's NYMPHOMANIAC

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If you, like me, thought that Lars Von Trier and Team Nymphomaniac would take a little break from the marketing machine following the recent release of the film's trailer, well ... we were wrong.

A new clip has been released from the film, this one from the sixth 'chapter', titled The Eastern And The Western Church. This particular clip features Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jamie Bell and a whip and - like it needs to be said at this point - is very definitely NSFW. You'll find the clip below.
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  • Howard

    basically artsy-fartsy wank off material

  • Bos

    I have not watched this teaser...and I actually stopped some teasers ago because I don't want to spoil the entire movie! They are releasing too much material

  • R Skse

    poster should say 'cumming soon'

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