Underworld Grit In Danish Short Film ESCORT

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Another of this year's Danish National Film School short film projects - see also Klas Marklund's The Pack - Jonas Grum impresses with his effort, Escort.

"Escort" tells the story of the escort driver Alex. Alex' job is to drive call girls from one customer to the other and protect them from possible danger. One night Lulu gets into Alex¿ car. Lulu is not like the other girls and Alex slowly realizes that the night ahead of them will be unlike any other.
A gritty underworld drama that feels very much from the same cloth as this year's hit Northwest, take a look at the trailer for Escort below.

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  • mightyjoeyoung

    "Jonas Grum impresses with his effort, Escort. "

    Yeah, he does, reminds me of Hardcore(1979), Grum should probably develop it into a feature.

    Thanks Mr Brown.

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