The Stack: THE HOBBIT Extended Version, TANK GIRL, RUSSIAN ARK, And More

This episode brings us up to date with our releases through November 26. The mix of old and new is exhilarating. 

The absolutely breathtaking Russian Ark makes its Blu-ray debut. Hannah Arendt does as well, telling the story of the woman who coined the phrase "banality of evil" in connection with Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann. Lastly, Roberto Rossellini's Il Generale Della Rovere makes a powerful debut on Blu-ray, telling the story of a war traitor who may have waited too long to repent.  

Two great so-called guilty pleasures also hit Blu-ray courtesy of Shout Factory, and each has substantial extras. You could say that Tank Girl looks better than it deserves in hi-def, but only by ignoring the goofy smile that spreads over your face as you watch it. Eve of Destruction is far more than a Terminator rip-off but less than any of that franchise's sequels.

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