The Many Masterworks Of Takahata Isao

Ard Vijn, Associate Editor, Features
This year, fans of Japanese animation were treated to not one, but two films from Studio Ghibli, as both of its founding fathers released a film of their own. In the Summer we had The Wind Rises by Miyazaki Hayao, and last week saw the premiere of The Tale of Princess Kaguya by Takahata Isao.

Miyazaki Hayao and Takahata Isao are two very good friends, who have worked together on animation projects many, many times, and who both founded the incredibly successful Studio Ghibli.

Yet while almost everyone knows who Miyazaki Hayao is, Takahata Isao is nowhere near as household a name. And at 78 years of age, six more than the recently retired Miyazaki, it is unlikely we will see much new work from him after his current film. But the man has had a hand in a large number of masterpieces over the past few decades, and he directed what many feel to be the best civilians-in-wartime film ever.

Therefore, we hereby present a gallery of Takahata Isao's career highlights. Not all of them, but many. And if this makes you curious for more work of this master, so much the better...

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