Spike Lee's OLDBOY: Get In Shape With Josh Brolin In This New Featurette

, U.S. Editor
It just dawned on me that Spike Lee's version of Oldboy is set for release in the United States on November 27th, a day before Thanksgiving. Which I find to be kind of hilarious. And so I will say this is the Thanksgiving movie of 2013... Okay, that didn't go over well. But this might... A new featurette from the film that *ahem* features star Josh Brolin getting back into shape. 'Cause when you have 15 years in solitary what better way to keep sharp than to keep the flab away (I really, really want to do a Hans And Franz impression right now).
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  • CHUD

    I keep hearing that they're not just remaking the Park film, but everything I keep seeing looks the same as the Park film with only different faces, costumes, and milieu.

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