ROBOCOP: America Is "Robo-Phobic" States New Trailer. Then Things Go Boom

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Money is the name of the game. And a product that the American people can believe in is the path to said money... at least that's according to the big wig business types played by Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton in the new trailer for José Padilha's 2014 version of Robocop.

While the trailer continues to do what a trailer for a studio action picture is expected to do, there are those among us who try and dig a little deeper, trying to scavenge some notion on the military-industrial complex and the role of corporations. Is that reaching? Maybe, but certainly the cynical, tongue-in-cheek attitude of many of the humans in the trailer lends itself a certain satirical air that is encouraging... and was largely missing from the rather grim attitude of the first trailer. For instance there's no better -- or worse -- line uttered during its two plus minutes than Michael K. Williams' "Bad cop, Robocop."

Robocop releases in North America February 12 2014        
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  • TheGhostOfGriffinMill

    Call me insane, but I think this looks pretty GOOD. I think the corporate greed tones are there and I really like how they open up the possibilities for the RoboCop/Murphy character with the retractable battle-plate on the helmet. Jose Padilha is the man.

  • dx_xb

    Has potential, hope they don't squander it.

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