MS. 45 Ready To Deliver Vengeance (Again) In New HOBO-ish Trailer

, Managing Editor

Abel Ferrara's grotty grindhouse classic Ms. 45 is returning to select theaters on December 13, ahead of its release to the home video market, all courtesy of Drafthouse Films.

To prime the pump, so to speak, a new trailer for the re-release has been prepared, edited by grindhouse aficionado Jason Eisener (Hobo With A Shotgun). As to the film itself:

Ms. 45 follows a mute garment-district seamstress - played by the late model/actress/musician/screenwriter Zoë Lund - who, after falling victim to multiple unspeakable assaults, ignites a one-woman homicidal rampage against New York City's entire male population.

Residents of major U.S. cities including Los Angeles, New York, Austin, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Houston, San Francisco and Seattle, now have something to anticipate to help them endure the holiday season.

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