Johnny Knoxville Presents BAD GRANDPA In Mexico, Talks Spike Jonze's Deleted Character

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa opens in Mexico until next week (11/29) but Johnny Knoxville already visited the city to support the release. Together with director Jeff Tremaine, producer Derek Freda and co-star Jackson Nicoll, Knoxville met with the press for a short conference and, actually, leaved all the crazy fun for another time. There was no bad grandpa makeup or anything weird, just a regular 18-minute talk with Knoxville and Tremaine as protagonists. The most interesting subject discussed was co-writer Spike Jonze's character, which didn't make the final cut of Bad Grandpa and most likely will be seen on the Blu-Ray. In the gallery below you can read more about Knoxville, Jonze and Bad Grandpa with the top quotes from the Mexico City press conference! 

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa opens in Mexico on Friday, November 29 under the title of El Abuelo Sinvergüenza (The Shameless Grandpa). 

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